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The FTD Group markets the Terras do Demo, Fumados Douro and Enchidos de Lamego brands. Check out our catalogs.


With the acquisition of the Armamar unit, the FTD Group has increased its production capacity exponentially. See the figures here.


The FTD Group aims to add value to the sector by investing in human potential. Look who’s leading us.

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A region with history.

The Armamar unit is located in the Douro region. A region in the north-east of Portugal that is a true paradise for wine and nature lovers. Cut by the majestic Douro River, this area is known worldwide for its Port wines. The steep slopes, lined with vineyards, give the landscape a unique and breathtaking atmosphere. To explore the Douro is to immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions, authentic flavors and stunning scenery, making every visit an unforgettable experience. It’s a must-see destination for wine lovers and those looking to explore the authentic essence of Portugal.

Two Production Units.

The FTD Group currently has two production units, one in Armamar in the Douro region and the other in Vila Nova de Paiva.




A production capacity that allows our customers to be satisfied.

The FTD Group is equipped with facilities capable of offering customers and partners the best products. With two production units, it has a production area of more than 13,000 m2.

Figures that reflect the FTD Group's growth.

The figures reflect the growth of an expanding Group.

40 M
28 M
18 M
15 M
11 M
12 M
10 M

From Portugal
to the World

Present in more than 20 countries.


A benchmark in pork processing.

Dedicated to the processing of pork, our production is divided into traditional and industrial charcuterie, fresh, cured, packaged and frozen pork.

Product ranges

Traditional Charcuterie

Salted Charcuterie

Cooked Charcuterie

Sliced Charcuterie

Horeca Channel

Sliced Packed Meat

Packed Meat

Pork Meat

A commitment to Innovation.

The FTD Group has made a major commitment to modernizing and automating processes, seeking to modernize the entire infrastructure, guaranteeing best practices and keeping up with new market trends.


A commitment to Sustainability.

420 tons less CO2 emissions per year. Equivalent to 10,600 trees per year. Equivalent to the consumption of 245 families per year.

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