A benchmark in the food industry, based on innovation and responsibility.

The FTD Group is a company dedicated to the processing of pork, with an emphasis on the production of traditional and industrial charcuterie, fresh, cured, packaged and frozen pork.

45 years of History.

From a family business to a benchmark in the sector.

These were the milestones that drove the company’s growth and made us a benchmark in the sector.

Founded in 1979 by José Cardoso in Vila Nova de Paiva, the FTD Group (Terras do Demo) currently has two industrial units.
First Unit
The Vila Nova de Paiva unit, founded in 2000, where our history began, is dedicated to the production of traditional charcuterie, seeking to honor the know-how and flavors of the past, but with the quality and food safety requirements of today.
The first steps towards exporting Terras do Demo products were taken in 2008.
Large Surfaces
The entry of Terras do Demo's products into large supermarkets was a milestone in the company's growth, as it became nationwide. In this way, the Terras do Demo brand became relevant and well-known in the market.
IFS Certification
In 2013, Terras do Demo was certified by the IFS (International Featured Standard). This guarantees the safety and quality of food products and processes.
FTD Group
In 2017, the Group took another step in its expansion and embraced a new challenge. With the acquisition of a new production unit in Armamar, in the region known worldwide for producing the famous Port wine, it increased its production capacity and saw its market grow, both nationally and internationally.
New Product Ranges
This unit has provided the Group with new capabilities, and its process is now verticalized. The Armamar unit has a pig slaughterhouse, a cutting room and an industrial charcuterie production unit. In 2019, another step was taken to keep up with trends and the demands of modern consumers. In the same Armamar unit, the Group invested in developing new lines of sliced and cubed fresh meat and charcuterie products, and is currently one of the largest national operators.
250 Employees
With more than 250 employees, the Group prides itself on having state-of-the-art technical skills, equipment and infrastructures that enable it to offer products of excellence.
Today, FTD is a Group that controls the entire production process, guaranteeing a complete and rigorous circuit in the treatment of its charcuterie, sliced, fresh and frozen meat products. Present in Portugal and in more than 20 countries, the FTD Group never stops innovating and reinventing itself. With a clear focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality and innovation, the Terras do Demo brand undoubtedly lives up to its name, as it is a veritable dreamland for lovers of charcuterie and pork.

Two Production Units.

The FTD Group currently has two production units, one in Armamar in the Douro region and the other in Vila Nova de Paiva.


Our aim is to add value to the north/central hinterland by investing in the region’s human, cultural and entrepreneurial potential, to create opportunities and enhance the people, products and companies that this land was born from. Every product we produce is an expression of our dedication to quality, innovation and integrity.


The FTD Group is guided by values that reflect the company’s corporate culture in all its actions and decisions – Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Commitment, Ambition, Learning, Opportunity, Cooperation and Respect.


We want to inspire palates around the world and be a Group that is recognized both nationally and internationally for its commitment to human potential, innovation and ability to implement differentiating factors, both in terms of food products and services.


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