Our history

  • 2017

We started 2017 with the purchase of Fumados Douro. With over 11,000m2 of covered area, this unit is dedicated to the processing of beef, pork, goat and sheep and includes slaughterhouse for pigs, sheep and goats. With both companies, under the FTD Food Group, we intend to offer the best delicatessen in the Beira Alta and Douro region.

  • 2000
The Traditional Sausages and Smokers of Alto Paiva, Lda. Is a company dedicated to the production of traditional Portuguese delicatessen. Founded in 2000 in Vila Nova de Paiva by José Cardoso, after more than 10 years of cattle trading and butchery exploration, the company seeks to offer the best delicatessen with predominantly local ingredients.
Guided by the principles of Tradition, Quality and Innovation, the company produces and distributes fresh meat and smoked meats under the brand Fumeiros Terras do Demo and other sub-brands. What started with small distribution and restaurants has evolved into national distributors and large supermarket chains. Today the company is present in Portugal and in over 12 countries with an excellent selection of local delicatessen.
  • 1979

José Cardoso, starting to work in the cattle trade and butchery exploration, the company sought to offer the best delicatessen with predominantly local ingredients.


Our manufacturing units

The process

Competitive advantages

Traditional Recipes

The wealth of ancient recipes made with local ingredients is the key to the uniqueness of our cold meats. Red wine, seasoning, meat, wood drying and drying time make all the difference to our recipes.

Regional Traditional Product – The vast majority of our delicatessen range is made with wood drying, which contributes to an intense flavor.

Local Raw Materials – Located in a region where summers are particularly hot and particularly cold winters, we prefer to use local ingredients because of their more intense flavor.

Seasonings – Local wine adds a unique flavor to meats.

Selection and Processing Quality

We select the best meats, high quality while maintaining the ancient flavors. This quality is based on strict animal selection criteria and excellent process conditions until the product reaches the consumer.

Product Customization – Approaching international markets means meeting local demand. Without losing identity, we work to deliver a competitive product that meets consumer needs.

Certification and Quality – ISO 22000: 2005 and IFS Certifications

Animal selection – 20 years of experience in selecting cattle and carcasses.

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